Roger Hart MSTAT

Roger has taught the Alexander Technique in South Devon and abroad for the past 25 years. He is the author of "The Alexander Technique - a graphic guide"

Through the Alexander technique, we begin to recognise our inherent nature of stillness and ease.

We often get caught up into the rush and pressures of everyday life. This then results in mental and physical problems, such as anxiety, headaches, backache etc

Questioning our habitual reaction to our circumstances with the help of the Alexander teacher, we come to see that underneath these reactions is well-being, bringing freedom and ease.

The Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique

"Roger is a skilfull and compassionate teacher of the Alexander Technique. He brings a spirit of enquiry to the work which helps to deepen the lessons"


"Every lesson has been a revelation and thoroughly enjoyable. I always leave feeling like a whole person. Body and mind in tune"